Chemical Patents

chemicalpatents1Chemistry truly is the “Central Science” and the very first U.S. Patent was issued for a chemical process for making potash.  Due to its complexity, chemistry is known in patent law as an “unpredictable art,” and drafting chemical patents require expertise not just in chemistry, but in how the legal system interprets the language of chemists.  Allen F. Bennett, a published scientist himself, has worked with numerous university professors and knows how to draft patents that will be well enforced in court and command higher royalties.  


Analytical Chemistry and Assays

7,456,028     Electrochemical method for detecting water born pathogens
7,348,183     Self-contained microelectrochemical bioassay platforms and methods
6,887,714     Microvolume immunoabsorbant assays with amplified electrochemical detection
6,745,129     Wavelet-based analysis of singularities in seismic data

Polymer Chemistry

6,399,698          Process for the synthesis of epoxidized natural oil-based
                          isocyanate prepolymers for application in polyurethanes
20050171249    Biodegradable Materials from Starch-Grafted Polymers

Organic Chemistry

chemicalpatents37,153,703     Synthesis of stable colloidal nanocrystals using organic dendrons
6,346,544     Desmethyl tocopherols for protecting cardiovascular tissue