Patent Services

A patent is gives its owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing subject matter that falls within the scope of the patent.  To qualify for patent protection, an invention must be novel and must not be an obvious modification of existing technology.  There are three types of patents – Utility, Design and Plant.  There are also two types of Utility patents – provisional and nonprovisional.


Prior Art Search Reports

A prior art search report provides you with knowledge of what inventions have already been patented and can give you an idea of how patentable your invention is.  It is usually a good idea to search the prior art and evaluate the distinctions between it and your innovations before committing to the significant expenses of the patenting process.

Provisional Patent Applications

Provisional patent applications provide a quick and inexpensive way to protect an invention.  It grants an inventor “patent pending” status for one year, giving you time to decide whether the concept is marketable, profitable and worth the investment of an utlity application.  It also can protect you while you further develop an idea that is not yet perfected.


Utility Patents

A utility patent protects the function of a device, a method of performing a task, or a process of forming or manipulating a material.  This is the type of patent the Wright brothers used to protect the airplane and Edison used to patent the light bulb.  It typically takes about 3 years for a utility patent to issue and requires detailed negotiation and communication with the Patent Office Examiners.

International Patent Applications

PCT applications, submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization, allow an inventor to protect an invention across the globe.  The PCT system is different than the U.S. Patent system and requires special knowledge and skill to adequately preserve you rights in foreign countries.  Bennett Intellectual Property has managed international patent portfolios for clients and knows how to best utilize the PCT system.


Design Patents

A Design patent protects the unique shape of a functional device.  Windex® bottles have a characteristic shape distinct from a 409® bottle.  These bottles are protected by Design patents.  Plant patents are used to protect new strains of plants.

Representative Patents

The following are some examples of Mechanical and System Patents drafted by Allen F. Bennett.  More examples of patents obtained by Allen F. Bennett may be found at the Chemical Patents(make this a link) and Life Science Patents(make link) pages.

7,240,911    System for controlling distribution of  fluid to a system of air bags for use with vehicular trailers
7,127,909    Crushed ice extruder
6,988,561    Ergonomic planar grading hand tool
6,983,580    Variable size product on edge packaging system